The Peak Profile 1000 series offers the latest in window technology. Adjustable self-contained ball bearing rollers ensure smooth window operation. Positive action auto-locking latches are ergonomic, convenient, and secure. The Peak Profile 1000 series auto-locking latch will give you peace of mind, its energy efficiency will save you money, and most importantly the Peak Profile 1000 series will bring years of comfort to your home.

Vinyl windows available in color!

Let us customize your homes look with added color.  We have over 32  colored windows to choose from.  You now can have white or tan windows  on the inside of your home while adding color to the outside.  This  allows for several additional options with Trim, Fascia and Soffit, Rain  Gutters, Blinds, Trim and all you interior design needs. Ask to see our  full line up today!

  All of our Vinyl Products come with a full Lifetime Guarantee. Do not settle for anything less!


Why Choose Vinyl?


A prominent concern for environmentalists is global warming as a result of the greenhouse effect. This problem is best solved by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 70% of our world energy is expended on heating and air conditioning, both of which result in large releases of carbon dioxide and thereby increase global warming. 

Vinyl solves this problem by providing windows that insulate with twice the efficiency of those constructed from aluminum or other materials. Because of its durability and recyclability, it conserves natural resources such as wood, metals, and energy that would otherwise be used in the manufacturing of traditional window frames.