For a sophisticated, individual look, wood is the natural choice. Each  piece is as unique as a fingerprint. And each species has a distinct feel and personality all its own. From a purely aesthetic viewpoint,             you will not find another material that can match wood's elegance and  charm. Composite materials try to mimic it, but none have been able to  capture the texture, depth and beauty of the real thing. Wood is also the practical choice. It's a superb natural insulator. When finished properly and maintained, wood is extremely durable, and resistant to time and the elements. And wood is a naturally  renewable resource.At ProVue Windows, we can help you select the right wood window for your particular purpose. All of the softwood and hardwood species we offer can be used  for interior applications. For the exterior, if the product is protected from direct sunlight and moisture, all species will perform.  We will  never compromise quality to save money!